About Advisory Goups


It is an organization for examining important issues in the planning strategy function, and there are two groups, technical research and international collaboration.

Advisory Group
Technology Research Advisory Group(TAG)
It is a group whose purpose is to investigate and analyze the status of major forums and activities inside and outside Japan, and to propose areas that should be standardized in the future by TTC. TTC works on the basis of de jure standards, but is examining the area of ​​standardization activities in future TTC by investigating and analyzing the trends of forum standards both in Japan and abroad. Every year since 1994, we have created a forum survey report and posted it on our website.
Global Collaboration Advisory Group(GCAG)
This group is examining TTC's future standardization strategies from an international perspective in order to strengthen international collaboration in standardization activities.  Discussion and research on drafting of domestic contributions by TSAG related to ITU  Ideal way of cooperation with organizations other than ITU (GSC, CJK, ETSI, IEEE etc.), examination of coping policies, information sharing on organization, examination trends, etc.