3GPP 2020年7月制定ドキュメント


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TS-3GA-23.501(Rel15)v15.9.0 System architecture for the 5G System (5GS); Stage 2
TS-3GA-23.502(Rel15)v15.9.0 Procedures for the 5G System(5GS);Stage 2
TS-3GA-28.532(Rel15)v15.5.0 Management and orchestration; Generic management services;
TS-3GA-28.533(Rel15)v15.4.0 Management and orchestration; Architecture framework
TS-3GA-28.550(Rel15)v15.4.0 Management and orchestration; Performance assurance
TS-3GA-29.002(Rel15)v15.6.0 Mobile Application Part (MAP) specification
TS-3GA-29.230(Rel15)v15.8.0 Diameter applications; 3GPP specific codes and identifiers
TS-3GA-29.501(Rel15)v15.7.0 5G System; Principles and Guidelines for Services Definition; Stage 3
TS-3GA-29.502(Rel15)v15.7.0 5G System; Session Management Services; Stage 3
TS-3GA-29.511(Rel15)v15.6.0 5G System; Equipment Identity Register Services; Stage 3
TS-3GA-32.158(Rel15)v15.4.0 Management and orchestration; Design rules for REpresentational State Transfer (REST) Solution Sets (SS)
TS-3GA-32.298(Rel15)v15.10.1 Telecommunication management; Charging management; Charging Data Record (CDR) parameter description
TS-3GA-32.422(Rel15)v15.3.0 Telecommunication management; Subscriber and equipment trace; Trace control and configuration management
TS-3GA-32.423(Rel15)v15.2.0 Telecommunication management; Subscriber and equipment trace; Trace data definition and management
TS-3GA-33.127(Rel15)v15.4.0 Security; Lawful Interception (LI) architecture and functions
TS-3GA-33.128(Rel15)v15.4.0 Security; Protocol and procedures for Lawful Interception (LI); Stage 3
TS-3GA-33.401(Rel15)v15.11.0 3GPP System Architecture Evolution (SAE); Security architecture
TS-3GA-33.501(Rel15)v15.8.0 Security architecture and procedures for 5G system
TS-3GA-36.423(Rel15)v15.9.0 Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (E-UTRAN); X2 application protocol (X2AP)
TS-3GA-38.413(Rel15)v15.7.0 NG-RAN; NG Application Protocol (NGAP)
TS-3GA-38.423(Rel15)v15.7.0 NG-RAN; Xn application protocol (XnAP)
TS-3GA-38.462(Rel15)v15.6.1 NG-RAN; E1 signalling transport
TS-3GA-38.473(Rel15)v15.9.0 NG-RAN; F1 application protocol (F1AP)