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TTC celebrated its 35th anniversary on October 25, 2020.

We look back on the 35-year history of TTC since its establishment, along with the movements surrounding telecommunications and the establishment of standards.

History of TTC


Year Movements surrounding
Establishment of
TTC standards
TTC-related events


・Liberalization of market entry into telecommunications business

・Liberalization of terminal equipment


・Established the Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC)


・Long-distance service by New Common Carriers (NCC) launched


・U.S. telecommunications standardization study delegation visited T1 Committee, etc.


・Mobile phone service launched

・ISDN User-Network Interface

(JT-Q931) (JT-I430)

・ISUP formats (JT-Q763)

・Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) (JT-G711)

・Decided first TTC standard at the 4th Technical Assembly

・Telecommunications Standardization International Symposium


・INS Net 64 Service (ISDN) launched

・Procedures for Document Facsimile Transmission(JT-T30)

・ETSI was established in Europe

・TTA was established in Korea


・NCC entered international telecommunications market and launched international telephone service

・NNI for the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) (JT-G707)

・Office relocation (Nishi-Shinbashi to Hamamatsucho)

・Established the TTC standard compliance mark




・TTC’s 5th Anniversary

・The 1st TTC Awards


・Birth of the world's first website

・International VPN service launched





・Maintenance Signal and Protection Switching

Behavior of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)

Multiplexing Equipment (JT-G783)

・Authorized by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications as an organization that prepares and publishes domestic standards that conform to ITU-T Recommendations


・Information Superhighway Initiative" proposed in the U.S..

・Digital (PDC) Mobile phone service launched

・Internet access service in Japan launched

・ITU Reorganization (from CCIT to ITU-T)

・Optical Interface for Equipments and Systems

Relating to the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (JT-G957)



・Frame Relay service launched


・GSC 1st Meeting


・Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurred
・Personal Handy Phone System (PHS) service launched

・The World Trade Organization (WTO) has launched and the "Annex on Telecommunications” was created


・TTC’s10th Anniversary

・ARIB was established in Japan



・Complete Liberalization of Leased Line Services

"Public-Leased-Public" connection was approved

・Video Coding for Low Bitrate Communication (JT-H263)

・Voice Coding for Low Bitrate Communication


・Launched TTC website


・The number of internet users in Japan increased rapidly






・APT/ASTAP was formed

・3GPP was established and participates as an Organizational Partner


・Internet service on mobile phone was launched


・3GPP2 was established and participates as an Organizational Partner

・Conformity with ITU-T Recommendations A.5 and A.6

・Changed the TTC logo mark

・CCSA was established in China



・Elaboration of rules for unbundling DSL subscriber lines

・IMT-2000 (JT-Q1701 etc., JJ-70.30)

・Started downstream from 3GPP and 3GPP2

(JP-3GA series, JP-3GB series)



・Declaration of the "The First Year of Broadband" for high-speed Internet access environment based on the "e-Japan Strategy”

・FTTH service launched

・CDMA Mobile Phone Service (3G) launched

・DSL Spectrum Management Standard (JJ-100.01)

・Immunity requirements for telecommunication equipment (JT-K43)

・Introduction of electronic voting in Technical Assembly


・IP Telephony service (050 number) launched

・Wideband Coding of Speech at around 16kbit/s (JT-G722.2) of about 16 kbit/s is widely used as a speech coding scheme in third-generation mobile phones

・Name changed to " The Telecommunication Technology Committee”

・CJK 1st Meeting

・Abolished the Technical  Committees

・Established the Strategy Committee


・Ubiquitous Network Society (u-Japan) Policy

・High-speed and continuous connection service using fiber optic lines (FTTH), high-speed CATV, etc., launched for public

・DSL Spectrum Management Standard Revision (JJ-100.01)

・A Method for Speech Quality Assessment of IP telephony (JJ-201.01)

・Great attention was given to DSL spectrum management and TTC published deliberations on the website


・IP Telephony service (050 number) (0A-J numbers) launched

・SNS (Facebook, mixi) services launched


・TTC standards available for download from website

・Information and Communication Technology Award (Minister of Internal Affairs and TTC Chairperson's Award) added to TTC Awards


・The number of Internet users using mobile terminals exceeded the number of users using PCs

・Video sharing service (YouTube) launched

・Interfaces for Optical Transport Network (JT-G709)

・DWDM Frequency Grid (JT-G694.1)

・Advanced Video Coding (MPEG-4) (JT-H264)

・Revised standards for Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

・TTC's 20th anniversary

・Office relocation

 (Hamamatsucho to Onarimon)


・Number Portability launched

・Inter-work Specifications between Private SIP Network and private ISDN Network


・The Guideline for Private SIP (JJ-22.00)



・Emergence of Smartphones (iPhone)


・Established Promotion Committee

・Established IPTV Working Group


・NGN service launched

・The number of FTTH subscribers exceeded the number of DSL subscribers

・Technical Specifications on Basic Call Interface for SIP Terminals Connecting with Provider’s SIP Network


・Established iSIPc (ICT Standardization and Intellectual Property Promotion Center) (active until 2011)


・Expanded use of smartphones


・Established ICT and Climate Change Working Group (converted from a task force to an Working Group)



・OAM functions and mechanisms for Ethernet based networks (JT-Y1731)

・Information technology equipment – Immunity characteristics – Limits and methods of measurement


・Website renewal


・LTE service launched

・Great East Japan Earthquake occurred

・IPv6 services fully launched


・Incorporated as a general incorporated association

・Established Inter-Industry

Innovation Center (I3C)

・Established Security Working Group

・MoU signed with MTSFB Malaysia

・Website renewal


・Discussion on SDN network virtualization and software started

・Discussion on migration from PSTN to IP networks started

・Communication Interface Implementation Guidelines for Home Networks (TR-1043)

・Overview of signal transmission technologies for HEMS (TR-1044)

・TTC standards available for free download from website

・oneM2M was established and participates as a founding organization


・Formulated "ICT Growth Strategy" by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

・Messenger application "LINE" launched

・ICT applications of "smart something" such as "smart cities," "smart grids," and "smart cars" became a hot topic

・The Disability Discrimination Elimination Act was enacted

・Home network Communication Interface for ECHONET Lite (JJ-300.10)

・H265 High Efficiency Video Coding(JT-H265)

・MPLS-TP Architecture (JT-G8110.1)

・Optical fiber and cable Recommendations and standards guideline (TR-GSup.40)

・Methodology for the assessment of the environmental impact (JT-L1410)

・SHARE, a collaboration project with emerging Asian countries, is in full swing

・MoU signed with HD/PLC Alliance

・MoU signed with ZigBee Alliance

・TSDSI established in India


・Full-scale introduction of smart meters launched in Japan

・VoLTE service launched

・Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) established

・Detailed implementation guideline for communication interface between HEMS and Smart meter (Route-B)


・Common interface for interconnection between IMS operator networks (TS-1020)

・oneM2M Release 1 Specification issued

・MoU signed with GSMA

・The 5th Generation Mobile Promotion Forum (5GMF) established

・Educational materials on standardization available for download from the website


・Foreign paid streaming services entered Japan market one after another

・SDGs adopted at UN General Assembly

・Spectrum compatibility check for Gigabit DSL standard (G.fast)

・TTC’s 30th anniversary

・Introduced Special Member and Trial Member for membership system

・Established E-health SWG

・Established ad hoc for soft error standardization


・Standardization of IoT became serious at ITU-T

・Study of 5G non-wireless network issues started

・Established a “Handbook to Introduce ICT Solutions for the Community in Rural Areas “ (TR-1058)

・Established Connected Car Working Group


・Household ownership of smartphones exceeds that of PCs and fixed-line phones (75.1%)

・AI for Good Global Summit launched

・Established 3GPP Release 9-13 Specifications issued


・Established AI for Next Gen. Services Working Group


・European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in action

・QKD-related standardization for quantum communications started

・Soft error measures for communication devices (JTK124/130/131/138/139,TR-Ksup.11)

・OneM2M Release 2A Specification issued

・Established specification of portions of 3GPP Releases 8-14 and 15

・Committed to addressing the SDGs

・Established IoT・Smart City Working Group


・The movement toward transformation through "digital transformation" and new standardization through "open innovation" is increasing

・OneM2M Release 3 Specification issued

・Established specification of 3GPP Release 8-15

・E-health related Safe-listening (JT-H870)

・Accessibility-related navigation (JT-F921)
Multimedia Communication Relay Service (JT-F930)

・Website renewal


・COVID-19 pandemic

・5G commercial service launched in Japan

・Immersive Live Experience: Architectural framework (JT-H430.2)

・Common Interface Specification between Digital radio communication system and Command system for fire and ambulance service (TS-1023)

・Specification on Remote Sign Language Interpretation Service System (TS-1024)

・TTC’s 35th anniversary

・Introduction of online meetings and online seminars

・MoU signed with Quantum ICT Forum



・Specification of Information and Communication System Using Vehicle During Disaster(TR-1090 )



30th Anniversary Celebration
30th Anniversary Celebration
Left: Congratulatory gift from TTA (Korea)    Right: Congratulatory gift from CCSA (China)
Left: Congratulatory gift from TTA (Korea)    Right: Congratulatory gift from CCSA (China)
20th Anniversary Symposium
20th Anniversary Symposium
10th Anniversary Telecommunications Standardization Symposium '95
10th Anniversary Telecommunications Standardization Symposium '95
5th Anniversary Party
5th Anniversary Party
Telecommunications Standardization Symposium '90
Telecommunications Standardization Symposium '90
International Symposium on Telecommunications Standardization '87
International Symposium on Telecommunications Standardization '87