2017-03-06 oneM2M Showcase#2 in Tokyo(March02, 2017)
2016-12-20 TTC approved its transposition of oneM2M Release2 Technical Specifications and Technical Reports
2016-03-31 TTC issued its Technical Specifications and Reports of the updated oneM2M Release 1 global IoT standards, for interconnection across devices and applications.
2016-03-25 TTC 3GPP WG issued 2016/4Q Technical Specifications(TS) down-streaming from 3GPP
2016-02-23 Customer support function Guidelines for Home Network service platform issued.
2016-02-16 TTC BSG WG revised Handbook to introduce ICT solutions for the community in rural areas
2015-11-26 5GMF uploaded the document on "Network Technology Concept for 5G"
2015-08-06 oneM2M Advances Worldwide Interoperability Agenda through Plans for Industrial, Home and Security Specifications; New Leaders Announced from IBM, Fujitsu, Samsung and LAAS-CNRS
2015-06-24 oneM2M Showcase Tokyo Report
2015-04-13 White Paper on Future Mobile Networking issued
2014-11-06 Pioneering oneM2M Specifications Come to Life in Showcase Event Demonstrations on 12.9
2014-10-27 TTC joined Internet of Things Seminar (IoT) 2014 in Malaysia
2014-08-11 ARIB/TTC Joint Seminar on oneM2M Standardization
2014-08-01 oneM2M Candidate Release and request for comment
2013-10-11 The BSG WG hold the 9th SHARE meeting in Thailand
2013-08-21 Announcement of ITU Kaleidoscope 2014
2012-05-23 Announcement of ITU Kaleidoscope 2013
2012-01-18 Global Initiative for M2M Standardization Communiqué
2011-04-01 TTC set up 'Inter-Industry Innovation Center' as a new challenge.