2018-02-20 oneM2M Developers’ Tutorial in Tokyo
2017-09-01 TTC standard on single-mode optical fibre approved
2017-08-23 Contributions to ITU-T SG17 discussed
2017-08-09 Contributions to ITU-T SG12 discussed
2017-07-28 TTC documents on 3GPP technical specifications and report completed
2017-05-29 6 new TTC standards and 6 revised standards approved
2017-05-29 Contributions to ITU-T SG15 discussed
2017-04-18 Contributions to ITU-T SG5 WP1 deliberated
2017-04-14 Contributions to ITU-T SG5 WP3 deliberated
2017-04-12 Technical Specification on Common interconnection interface for NET119 emergency call system created
2017-04-03 TTC documents on 3GPP technical specifications and reports completed
2017-04-03 Survey report on MHF/MBH issues for future mobile network created
2017-03-29 First step to IoT Area Network from Home: Two Technical reports established
2017-03-27 Contributions to ITU-T SG20 deliberated
2017-03-06 oneM2M Showcase#2 in Tokyo(March02, 2017)
2016-12-20 TTC approved its transposition of oneM2M Release2 Technical Specifications and Technical Reports
2016-03-31 TTC issued its Technical Specifications and Reports of the updated oneM2M Release 1 global IoT standards, for interconnection across devices and applications.
2016-03-25 TTC 3GPP WG issued 2016/4Q Technical Specifications(TS) down-streaming from 3GPP
2016-02-23 Customer support function Guidelines for Home Network service platform issued.
2016-02-16 TTC BSG WG revised Handbook to introduce ICT solutions for the community in rural areas