2018-11-22 【NEWS RELEASE】International standards adopted by ITU-T to address soft errors affecting telecommunication equipment - Enhancing reliability based on Recommendations for design, testing, and quality estimation of measures designed to mitigate soft errors caused by cosmic rays -
2018-11-13 oneM2M INDUSTRY DAY in KANAZAWA
2018-03-15 Contributions to ITU-T SG17 discussed
2018-02-20 oneM2M Developers’ Tutorial in Tokyo
2018-02-19 TTC standards on security and MPLS approved
2018-02-13 TTC Tutorial material on NNAI approved
2018-02-01 TTC Technical Report on SIP-Based Media Recording approved
2018-01-12 TTC 3GPP WG issued 2017/3Q Technical Specifications(TS) down-streaming on 3GPP Release9~Release13
2017-12-26 Contributions to ITU-T SG15 discussed
2017-12-14 TTC Technical Reports on connected car approved
2017-12-08 TTC Technical Reports on phase/time synchronization approved
2017-11-08 Contributions to ITU-T SG2 discussed
2017-10-24 TTC 3GPP WG issued 2017/2Q Technical Specifications(TS) down-streaming on 3GPP Release8~Release13
2017-10-17 Contributions to ITU-T SG5 WP2 discussed
2017-10-12 Contributions to ITU-T SG11 discussed
2017-09-26 Contributions to ITU-T SG16 discussed
2017-09-25 Contributions to ITU-T SG20 discussed
2017-09-01 TTC standard on single-mode optical fibre approved
2017-08-23 Contributions to ITU-T SG17 discussed
2017-08-09 Contributions to ITU-T SG12 discussed