oneM2M Working Group

oneM2M is a new global partnership project established by seven of the world’s leading SDOs on ICT to develop technical specifications for the common M2M (machine to machine) service layer. As one of the founding partners, the TTC established its own oneM2M Working Group in order to determine policies for correspondence with oneM2M as well as to share technical information and opinions among the working group members. In addition, the working group will transpose relevant technical specifications or reports arising out of the oneM2M partnership project for publication as TTC specifications or reports.

Main activities and targets

Main activities are as follow;

-  By having a joint meeting with the corresponding WG in ARIB,  SC meeting actions are discussed and approved;

-  By having a joint meeting with the corresponding WG in ARIB, the result of SC meeting and TP meeting are reported;

Main targets are as follows;

-  To encourage ARIB/TTC member to submit contributions in order that complete set of oneM2M technical specifications and reports, initial release, be completed;

-  To timely transpose oneM2M deliverables as TTC documents;

-  To promote active participation of verticals, e.g., Home appliance, E-Health, Smart-car, etc., in oneM2M activities.


ARIB/TTC Joint Seminar on oneM2M Standardization- Overview of initial release of oneM2M,  September 1st 2014