Message from the Chairman

hatori.jpgMitsutoshi Hatori (Prof. Dr.)

 In our country, the technology innovation of ICT has rapidly progressed, and influenced our life style by the introduction of NGN or the provision of various broadband services.

 As for the trend of telecommunication standardization, the studies and discussions are made not only on interoperability or telecommunication protocol but also on the new topics of ICT Climate Change or Smart Grid related to ecology.

 On the other hand, under the environment of the decrease of populationor the downsize of the market due to aging forecasted in near future, asone of the measures for the reinforcement of internationalcompetitiveness for Japanese information & communication industry,Inter-Industry Innovation Center (I3C) has been established toinvestigate study issues crossing new inter-industry businesses and todiscuss strategies to solve them. 

 In TTC, under the slogan of “From Japan to Asia” for Standardization activities and “Let’s SHARE* together” for Promotion activities, we strategically proceed the cooperation especially with Asian countries.
(* : Success & Happiness by Activating Regional Economy)

 We, TTC, will proceed to cope with the social demands adopting users’ point of view for the technology standardization, inter-connectivity, compatibility or environment, and also contribute to the realization of the reinforcement of international competitiveness for Japanese information and communication industry through the Promotion activities.

 It is our pleasure if we can have your further support and cooperation.