Inter-Industry Innovation Center (I3C: Eye3See)

The everyday life of people all over the world is given tremendous support by the telecommunications industry as well as a range of other industries such as energy, transportation, healthcare and so on.

Building closer ties between different industries is one of the most effective triggers to developing new services and applications that may eventually result in useful innovations. The ICT sector has an important role to play in realizing such inter-industrycollaboration.

With this in mind, TTC took on the new challenge of setting up the Inter-Industry Innovation Center (I3C) within its secretariat on April1, 2011.

From the very first stage of activities aimed at promoting inter-industry collaborative innovation, the I3C looks closely at the international market. Through information exchange between various industries and surveys designed to uncover the latest trends, it examines standardization targets mainly in the area of ICT. The I3C also formulates strategies for the promotion of inter-industry collaboration that contributes to the vitalization of the ICT sector and executes concrete plans based on such strategies.





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Tokyo Minato Ward Shibakoen 1-1-12  Shibakoen electric building.
The Telecommunication Technology Committee.
TEL   03-3432-1551
FAX   03-3432-1553
E-mail  i3cinfo@ttc.or.jp
Charge Sekine and Ishida