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TTC Standard Summary

  • Introduction
  This web site provides an outline of the TTC Standards formulated and approved by the Technical Assembly.
  The TTC standards based on the ITU-T recommendations and/or ISO standards are indicated as 'JT-' and 'JS-' respectively. The standards based on specifications globally recognized by international forums are indicated as 'JF-' standards.
  The summary of 'JT-', 'JS-' and 'JJ-' describes the relationship with the ITU-T recommendations and/or other international standards.
  Regarding the TTC original Standards indicated as 'JJ-' are not defined yet as international standards and they are not available on this web site however, the English version of 'JJ-' standards can be purchased at TTC. The order form of these Standards are found at 'Index' of this web site.
  Finally, in case of dispute, the original to be referred is the Japanese version of the text.
  We hope TTC Standards will help a wider range of users to further contribute to the development of telecommunications.

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